Our early history starts from trying to find answers as to why preventable errors happen. The given wisdom has been that the answer lay in collecting large amounts of data for research and study, and only after thorough "root cause analysis" should one go back to the market with an educational programme to prevent this happening again.

The problem with this approach is that in the meantime, a whole bunch of people could die waiting for the education to kick in. We surmised that the solution was prevention at source, and devised a ground breaking interactive workflow product that could put best practice at the front line of any organisation in any industry, instantly stemming the flow of common errors.

Ignorance is bliss, we just hadn't realised how far ahead of the times we were then!

Pre-Historic Timeline

acas logoOur JV with acas creates the first ever acas accredited products for disciplinary action and Grievance

eManager logo 2004 version
The first version of eManager launched as the commercial successor to the research tools

Nottingham Uni logo
The first electronic Significant Event Audit Tool for healthcare launched, based on the blueprint on SEA by Professor Mike Pringle (now President of the RCGP).


The Patient Safety Collaborative published a groundbreaking white paper, Making a Difference in Healthcare (MaDiHC).
The result of the International Study and studies of real life events to form the basis of a new Patient Safety tools.

NPSA logo
NPSA formed in 2001 with a mandate to identify patient safety issues and find appropriate solutions.
The NPSA adopt the taxonomy of errors from the International Study, as basis of their research tools

AAFP logo
Robert graham logo
We provide Smart Forms, a secure data collection instrument, for the first International Patient Safety Study.
Partticipants: The American Academy of Family Physicians; Robert Graham Center; Physicians from 7 countries across the world.

Our roots

Our founders have been working with healthcare safety for almost two decades. We have a deep understanding of primary care across many countries, and have extensive expertise in regulatory frameworks like CQC.

Our roots are in Patient Safety. Having instigated and supported the 1st international Patient safety study in 2001, with the Robert Graham Center in Washington DC and the American Association of Family Doctors, the findings and taxonomy of errors from this study formed the foundation of the National Patient Safety Association (NPSA ). We produced the first ever electronic Significant Event Audit system, in conjunction with Prof. Mike Pringle (President of RCGP), based on his ground breaking blueprint for SEA.

Our advisors like Dr James Kingsland OBE and Professor David Colin-Thomé OBE are acomplished healthcare professional of stature and standing.