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Brand Protection

Many multi-site operations are made up of smaller sites that look and work more like independent SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) than part of a conglomerate. This format can be a preferred choice as corporate culture or where there is a franchise model.
Independence and self-management at branch level is important as it engenders staff satisfaction and long term loyalty, but a variation in standards can be a threat to your brand and reputation.

What we help you achieve:-

  • Standardisation of local quality processes and reporting across all sites
  • Reduced number of roaming area managers; reduced site visits and travel
  • Make your managers proactive to alerts rather than reactive to problems

Member engagement

Our systems empower local branches to become self-responsible and collect valuable behavioural information that allows head offices identify falling performance and focus on a prevention and support culture. This results in an open culture, where reporting an issue becomes a call for help rather than fear of blame.
This is your first step to true membership engagement.

Evidence based outcomes

eManager is an interactive evidence gathering system for managing delivery of passive content, such as handbooks to active content such as staff appraisals.
Risk and behaviour management is intelligently built in, so that the analytics report usage, frequency, opinions, confidence and even cultural values.

Web dashboards allow remote monitoring and extend opportunities for proactive management to alerts and immediate response. Organisations act on evidence based performance and ensure that potentially negative outcomes are nipped in the bud.


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Where is your data stored?

We provide fully hosted solutions and all data is stored on private servers only directly accessible to the Apps.
Apps are grouped into Channels and each Channel can connect to a separate server, whether hosted by us or a private server on your premises. You can even mix and match if you want, where non-confidential Channels are handled from one server and confidential Channels held elsewhere. You have total flexibility of access and admin rights for each data set and servers can be switched easily at any time.

We recommend AWS instances that can easily be hosted in any region in the world. For most teams, the system will work perfectly well on even the lowest spec servers starting at around $30 per month.


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