Bharat Patel

Bharat is a Chartered Accountant  with many years of high level experience in health informatics and corporates at the leading edge of technology.
His early background as a partner in a professional practice provides the expertise in audit, investigations and systems designs, all of which now form the foundation of our ground breaking compliance products, earning accolades for combining simplicity of operation with sophisticated risk and business process management.

He is an expert in systems and process design, and his extensive experience in workflow technology and formerly as CEO of a global health informatics company, gives him a fusion of expertise that has been instrumental in creating a new generation of ground breaking smart technologies in compliance.

He has been at the forefront of Patient Safety and GP compliance systems for more than a decade and was the inventor and architect of the SmartForms secure data collection instrument, used in the first international Patient Safety Study in 2001. The research programme, carried out in conjunction with the Robert Graham Center and the American Academy of Family Physicians spanned 7 countries, United States, Canada, New Zealand, England, the Netherlands, Australia, and Germany.

To allow full and frank reporting of errors, the system guaranteed total anonymity and unprecedented levels of security to protect participating doctors from potential prosecution, legal challenges or federal investigations.

 The ground breaking study has never been repeated since, and sparked a series of research papers in Patient Safety, and the milestone publication ‘A preliminary taxonomy of medical errors in family practice’ which was presented to and adopted by the National Patient Safety Agency as the basis for the National Reporting and Learning System in 2003.

Whilst the academics chose the data collection and root cause analysis path, Bharat chose to focus on creating practical error prevention and compliance solutions for daily use, to stop errors occurring in the first place.  X-Genics now produces eManager, a smart system for compliance and quality assurance, which is both the culmination of the original research and the beginning of a new phase in smart systems for practice safety.

Shabana Dehlavi

Shabana is one of the key product and solution analysts with the primary task of overseeing quality control before release of every procedure, and is also responsible for consultancy, on-site training services and implementation.

Shabana was formerly a Director at the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London), specialising in on-line education in the fields of Information Technology and Business Management.

She ensures that every product passes our exacting pre-release quality and usability tests, with a particular focus on ensuring that usability is geared precisely to skill sets of front line staff. This expertise is rooted in extensive, first hand, "roll up your sleeves" experience gained from working closely with clients in every discipline ranging from healthcare to academic institutions.

Shabana runs management training services to help implement the new systems and the culture change that goes with it to get businesses up and running quickly and efficiently.
In addition, she is chief editor of our micro-site a definitive site on CQC regulations affecting GP practices and lectures at our CQC seminars designed specifically to demystify the new regulatory system introduced by the Care Quality Commission.