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Procurement decisions

Our platform is built specifically for risk management, evidence and outcomes.
Designed to be totally flexible and customisable, our trained business analysts can take your ideas and implement these directly without the need to involve technicians and programmers.

This direct line of communication means faster concept to production cycles and changes made easily, requiring minimal testing and rapid turnaround. This unique system allows us to implement solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of comparable systems and in-house development. In comparison, you can typically expect up to 75% saving, particularly if we already have something in our growing library of templates.

Client benefits:-

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Fast concept to production cycle
  • Lower production costs compared to traditional systems
  • Direct communication of ideas to production team
  • Virtually zero lead times for changes and updates

Tendering & Contract bidding advantage

The ability to manage quality across the enterprise will offer a significant competitive advantage.

Our focus is on personal development, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency at local level.
This investment in people returns a rapid change in culture and staff engagement. Staff feel valued and benefits to the organisation include better staff retention, effectiveness and job satisfaction
The ability to provide evidence based outcomes in real-time, will demonstrate a safe, high quality organisation with powerful risk profiling tools able to prove continuous quality improvement.

Brand Protection

Building a reputation can take a long time, but can be demolished in an instant.
Brands are fragile, can be vulnerable to risks form just a single incident and be costly if it affects customer confidence.

We work closely with clients to allow enterprises to manage risk at every level, with alerts and reports available to head office in a timely manner. Real-time reporting allows early intervention and preventative action.
The key to success is the relevancy and quality of data, which is where our expertise excels in combining silent risk sampling techniques with understanding human behaviour to overcome perceptions of a blame culture.

Fully managed system

We can provide a fully managed end to end service including a fully set up private server, under your total control.

Choose from our standard library of fully maintained Apps, or use our customisation service with the choice of running custom modified versions from our template library or bespoke Apps made to your exacting requirements.

Our system is designed for Rapid Application Development. Changes and corrections can be made easily, even after publication, with fast turnaround times subject to your SLA.
Once the new App is published, every user in your groups, sees the latest version and even remote versions update automatically giving you an instant process management change across the enterprise.
Managing regulatory changes, processes changes and knowledgebase is so seamless a process, that there is no need to even notify users, or retrain anyone, everyone simply follows the latest process all the time.

spotting problems

Use Cases

Local Network solution

Requirement: Small team needs to work closely, prefers to have local networked solution.
Solution: Set up an installation of eManager on a local network that every team member can access. No server requirements, eManager is network ready and your “server” can be any Windows PC with a shared drive.
Auto login system so anyone can connect automatically and administrator can configure access rights for all Apps on the system

Small remote teams

Requirement: Small team based in different locations want access for team collaboration.
Solution: We can set up as many private Channels as you want, on our fully managed and hosted server, with minimal setup time.

Privacy solution: For full data privacy, set up the Channels to access your own private instance on AWS. You have complete control over access to the server. Requires server connector and security package.

Multi-site operations

Requirement: Multiple branches with many users at each location accessing anything from HR to safety depending on Job description.
Solution: Each individual or group is given access to Channels relevant to their tasks. Channels can be hosted anywhere we like, ranging from the public cloud for personal development Apps, to internally hosted servers depending on reporting and data privacy requirements.
For normal operations, all team admins and moderators can have access all data analytics.
Root access is only required for IT staff.

Membership organisations

Requirement: From 100 to 1,000’s of members with just a few to many Channels.
Solution: Higher performance AWS server to handle traffic and demands with enterprise standard database.
Otherwise, the solution is similar to the multi-site solution and totally scalable.




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