eManager is a special Content Management System

The entire CMS is embedded into our desktop software, which will connect direct to a your remote database.
Now all you need is to get some SmartApps and eManager becomes an interactive Business Apps system to help run your business.
We have a growing range of SmartApps from general application to specialised Apps for your industry. If you need customised Apps, just talk directly to our designers who will implement the solution for you in the shortest time possible.

Fast, efficient, Cost effective

We offer a fully managed service so getting started is fast and painless.

  • No special server software to manage
  • No web site required
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No software maintenance

For remote connections, a cordoned off server instance takes just minutes to set up on Amazon AWS and it is more secure because no one else knows its location.

 emanager what is a channel

 emanager channels to databases

emanager server multiple channels

 emanager configure combine

 emanager how users use
 emanager ten minute management

Ready-made and custom Apps

There is a comprehensive range of Apps for most business needs and our rapid App development system allows us to produce custom Apps in record time.

 emanager app collection

Automatic Reports

eManager comes ready with an automatic reporting infrastructure. A Dashboard gives an overview of risks and statistics and Excel reports can be produced at the press of a button. You have complete control over Excel and can call upon our services if you need a helping hand to create professional reports

 emanager auto reports





Our Quality Management Solutions cover key areas in HR, Safety and Professional Development to suit every size of practice from Sole Practitioners to multi-seat operations.

For smaller practices, we have a range of practical and simple to use SRA Compliance tools to ensure the practice meets all basic quality and risk assurance requirements.

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