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eManager is a simple yet powerful compliance and competency solution. It is incredibly easy to use, and frees up management time as staff automatically quality manage their own work.

Better staff performance Better management Less admin
Smart Apps have policies and processes built in guiding staff step by step to easily complete tasks and get things right first-time-every- time Tasks can be shared to improve teamwork. Supervision and management becomes easy as Managers can track and view any task.

Fully customisable Excel and Word templates, combined with an online Dashboard, instantly analyse strengths and weaknesses, performance, and systemic risk.

Better performance with less work, Guaranteed

easy to manage

Easy to manage: See all activity across the organisation in real time. Monitor remotely from on-line Dashboard

Powerful and yet simple to use

Powerful and yet simple to use system. Takes just 1 minute to learn.

Every decision automatically recorded

Every decision automatically recorded: Get detailed evidence, audit trails, instant reports and analysis.

One click automated alerts

One click automated alerts: Alerts triggered on critical events as staff work, and automatically recorded in your Risk Register.

Full reporting system

Full reporting system means you can walk into any meeting fully armed with the latest analytics

Virtual Supervision

Virtual Supervision with built in process management. Staff get it right first-time-every-time and reduce management time.

Inspection ready any time

Be ready for an audit or inspection at any time. Easy preparation for audits with reports at the press of a button.

We read the legal stuff

We read the legal stuff so you don’t have to. Apps are based on latest regulations and best practice and update automatically for changes

Training and guidance built in

Training and guidance built in so the more staff use the system, the better they get and more familiar they become with rules

Embedded rules and regulations

Rules, regulations, policies and processes are all built so you are always compliant.

smart system supervises for you

   smart system automated reports

Creating Business Intelligence

Risk measurement techniques are built into every aspect of the process, from the obvious risk assessments to every decision people make.
With this immensely rich data your Dashboard helps you pinpoint and predict risk.

smart system easy management

efficient process


Smart Software.  Now everyone has a personal supervisor

risk prevention system

Our focus is on risk prevention at the front line, and not incident management after the event.
The prevention approach is far superior to claims management, and has a better prospect of plugging holes in the system at source. Adopting an incident management system as the sole tool for risk, is a systemic risk in itself as the organisation may become geared to shoring up breaches whilst more leaks continue to spring up, instead of getting to the root of the problem quickly.

With our prevention system, people learn as they do, leading to continuing quality improvement without the need of constant supervision.
Our innovative auto Risk Registers and Alerts for every key element of the process mean that managers have to do virtually nothing except to keep an eye on the Business Intelligence Dashboard.



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