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The fastest way to become CQC compliant and stay compliant. Be inspection ready at all times, virtually no preparation required.

Staff competency Practice Management
Get Smart Apps to solve time consuming tasks in a busy practice, ranging from Appraisals; Employment Handbooks; Safeguarding; Infection Control; IG Training and more.

Reduces management time on training and retraining. The sophisticated Alerts and reporting system keeps the Practice Manager and Registered Manager on top of CQC compliance with virtually no effort.


Easier compliance with less work for Practice Managers, Guaranteed

Avoid CQC visits for 5 years

Avoid CQC visits for 5 years: Self audit tools take less than 15 minutes to complete, automatically generating risk assessments and detailed action plan.

CQC Compliance

Easy to set up CQC Compliance. Get practice staff working within minutes. Intuitive to use, with virtually no training and retraining of staff.

Staff Competency

Get staff competency tools to cover Professional Standards and Information Governance, with instant logs and reports.

Achieve a Gold Standard

Achieve a Gold Standard: Progress to a better than CQC standard in any competitive bidding process

Human Resources

Suite of Human Resources Apps:

  • Staff Appraisals
  • Recruitment Audit
  • Induction.
  • Staff Handbook
  • Policies Manual
Practice and Clinical Safety

Suite of Practice and Clinical Safety Apps:

  • Infection Control
  • Daily Safety checks
  • Fire Safety
  • Accident Reports
  • Significant Event Audit

 healthcare foundations

Put a robust Patient Safety system in place, and the regulations will take care of themselves.
The true measure of compliance is evidenced daily Patient Safety routines. If everyone had these in place, there would be no need for regulations.

Audits and pre-inspection service

CQC Inspections
Audits and pre-inspection services.
Post inspection service, defending your rights
CQC Support
We are the publishers of everythingCQC.com, the largest independent resource on CQC compliance.
We help practices of any size comply and prepare for inspections.
Practice efficiency
Facing Privatisation: We have extensive experience in providing quality management systems to high street brands. When it comes to facing up to privatisation, we can show you exactly what you need to compete head to head, and surpass the competition.
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Why us?

Our founders have been working with Primary Care safety for almost two decades. We have a deep understanding of GP Practices across many countries, and have extensive expertise in regulatory frameworks like CQC.

Our roots are in Patient Safety. Having instigated and supported the 1st international Patient safety study in 2001, with the Robert Graham Center in Washington DC and the American Association of Family Doctors, the findings and taxonomy of errors from this study formed the foundation of the National Patient Safety Association (NPSA ). We produced the first ever electronic Significant Event Audit system, in conjunction with Prof. Mike Pringle (President of RCGP), based on his ground breaking blueprint for SEA.

Our advisors like Dr James Kingsland OBE and Professor David Colin-Thomé OBE are acomplished healthcare professional of stature and standing.

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